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Tony Farley.

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About us.

Deloptis is a multi-disciplinary business support team. Working from our Maidstone office we have a unique and dynamic team of business professionals, IT support specialists, programmers and creatives. Also working with a group of individual and associates our broad skill mix allows us to offer a wide range of bespoke services and packages.

Technology is constantly evolving and while its transient nature is designed to aid the end user it can often hinder. In house IT departments are expensive to implement and maintain, for smaller companies they are simply not an option. A lack of understanding, training or incorrect application can affect the day to day running of your business greatly.

Deloptis aims to maximise your workflow potential by ensuring that you get optimum results from your individual setup. We cater for many situations ranging from the broad role of infrastructure support to the finer details of extracting specific data in areas such as account management, our aim is to ensure that the end product meets your exact needs and expectations.

Deloptis also offer a dedicated team of design professionals and programmers. First impressions count, second impressions also count and third too. So whether you need to project your company with a fresh and current identity, ensure that your route to market reaches your audience effectively or need the tools to build upon your current customer base our creative team is on hand to offer innovative solutions.

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